myMDquote Lead Generation

Some companies and clients want more than just authority and online ranking, they want additional direct response marketing online in the form of lead generation.
Have you noticed that results from advertising channels/media have been lacking over the last few years?
TV—people DVR and fast forward through commercials
Radio—people go to satellite radio or just flip the channels
Direct Mail—it’s hit and miss and worst of all the postage rates have skyrocketed!
Billboards—today’s consumer is so overwhelmed they just don’t pay attention
At the end of the day, what used to work simply doesn’t anymore or at least doesn’t work as well in direct response marketing offline.

So, the smart companies and business owners have offset this by investing in online marketing involving direct response lead generation. The numbers don’t lie…..people turn to the internet to learn more about any product or service they are considering. This is true for pretty much any business or company they are thinking about doing business with. Add in the mobile marketing impact of the phones in our pockets and you have a massive media outlet to reach out to these consumers.
You may have heard about PPC (Pay per Click) marketing online or Google AdWords. You may have also seen Facebook ads and other website exposure marketing programs. Where these fall short for business owners is simply the fact that it takes a great deal of time and skill to do it RIGHT. Sure, you can throw a bunch of money at something, but that doesn’t mean it will have the return on investment (ROI) you are looking for. We’ve heard business owners try to tell us that those methods “don’t work” because they “tried” them. Yet, we are generating business for some of our clients….the difference is that we have teams of experts to implement the split testing and quality control metrics that have to happen to be successful.
But, there’s something even more important about how we do things with myMDquote lead generation. In the traditional Lead Generation Model, business owners pay a bunch of money for Pay per Click marketing and then get charged a management fee on top of that. They then receive a report showing a lot of clicks. Here’s the problem: Most of the time, the owner did not receive the leads or ROI they were looking for. The clicks on their website were coming from different locations or from keywords that they owner does not desire. The business owner keeps paying more money until they would figure out that they simply aren’t getting sales and fire the marketing company at the end of a lengthy contract.

To us, this isn’t the right way to do business. So we shifted the risk to our company instead of the client!

In our Lead Generation Packages we combine both Online Optimization and Ranking (SEO and SEM) with Google AdWords campaigns. But here’s the catch….our clients don’t pay per click. Instead, they pay per lead in the form of a traceable, qualified phone call or contact form lead. By combining the best of both worlds with our Lead Gen Program, our clients receive the benefits of SEO, SEM and Google AdWords. They only pay for qualified Calls and Contact Form Leads. We pay for the clicks on Google AdWords from OUR Company….so if the ads don’t generate leads, we eat the cost. In this way, there is no way for our company to win and your company to lose. In our view, that’s just the right way to do things. So who is myMDquote right for?

This could be the right package for you if you have a lifetime customer value of a minimum of at least $500, and preferably $1,000. What this means is that it’s not about the initial transaction or sale. Rather, this is the sum of:

1. What an average customer will spend with you over the lifetime of their relationship with your company
2. The average number of referrals a customer gives to your company along with the revenue from these additional new clients, and
3. Additional spin off commissions you might receive from joint ventures or promotions to your list of customers in working with other companies.

So if you generally have a one and done transactional relationship with a customer who only spends $50 ever with your company, this is not the right package for you. But, if you have a longer relationship with clients or even a high transactional value, then the math on these packages can work out very well for you.

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